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Featured escorts girls have HIV - AIDS


We did everything you can imagine. Once I arrived in the room she put some music on. We chatted a little bit about the night life scene, then she proceeded to undress herself. The rest was heaven. So I thought. And it was a great experience.

After it was over, I remember feeling sick after the first week. Dizzy. So I decided to see a Doctor. I thought I contracted the flu. After I was diagnosed with HIV I knew then, that Veronica had given it to me. I haven't been with another girl for a very long time. And I knew the dangers of escorting. But after talking to my friends and them convincing me it would be ok, I now realize I should have listened to myself.

I don't know what to do. My family doesn't know the results yet. I have one friend who knows and now you know.

I am shocked and saddened that this has happened. When I found out the news at Mass General, I was sick to my stomach. It was the most bothersome news I ever heard. Just imagine a ton of bricks falling on your stomach one by one, the heaviness, the feeling of guilt, the feeling of sickness in your gut.

All because you wanted to sleep with or *** with a beautiful girl.

Well now I know, what I did was not so beautiful. And while it was fun at the time, I am now dealing with something that I don't think can ever be removed from my body. Maybe there is hope? This is unreal.

If you are a hobbyist, be careful.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1301393

Many times you won't even test as HIV positive for 6 months after exposure. Starting to feel symptoms within ONE WEEK after exposure???

Not possible.

I love how you described learning you had HIV as "bothersome." Really?? Bothersome is a term I haven't heard used in a long time, and never in terms of learning you have a lifelong illness and have to be on extensive medications for the rest of your life.


PLEASE sir ! Feeling sick a week seeing an escort ?

C'mon . You don't need to be a doctor to know that you won't feel the symptoms after only a week. So how do you know you got from her .

You could possible get infect her and don't know .

Be careful

Grayson, Georgia, United States #1285845

Seriously? Your story doesn't quite "jive".

First of all it takes longer than a week for seroconversion to occur so I suspect it you have had more than one encounter with someone in the last few months. Its also much harder to contract female to male unless you were engaging in sharing needles, etc. Lastly, even if she was HIV positive, you should always assume the WORST and protect yourself. Your health and well being should be your concern and no one elses.

Luckily you have become positive at a time when its no longer a death sentence and is treatable. Good luck.


If any of this story were true, then the doctor would have told you you didn't get it from her and may have even given it to her. HIV isn't even detectable for several months and then takes far longer to reduce someone's immune system to the point where they develop AIDS. And you think it did all that in a week?


If you're into skanks you would be aware of condoms. In the case of escorts you need one made of stainless steel.

But this is all fake anyway, mister "I remember feeling sick after the first week". LOL


dude, really!!! if any intelligent person were to read this, they could see, you are trying to give the girl or business a bad name. What a joke


I been to their no one has anything I go their every week have never got anything and abby is very hot blonde

to Anonymous #1168502

This guy obviously was obsessed with the girl and tried ruining her or her was a stalker.... let's hope the girl is ok because this guy is obviously a wack job..




I think about that ever time i go out but can not stop myself from getting some loving i know that i my playing with fire


It is weird that you would get symptoms so fast, i understand it takes years. But going out with prostitutes is a high risk activity.

That is why God instituted the marriage. Now, you have a lot to worry about, first work hard these years because your health will be deteriorating, get health insurance.

If you have any faith at all, also, you can submit yourself to God, you seem you have already repented of this activity, read the bible, start with the book of John and you will see how JesusChrist will bring so much needed hope to your life, he will give you a purpose even with your sickness and you will feel fulfilled.

to ana232 Laurel, Maryland, United States #1264575

Jesus Christ cannot save him from AIDS....


Sounds very fake.


You are a grown man going around sleeping with young girls you should be arrested.


Sorry to hear that, but if you are doing an escort girl without protection you are simply asking for trouble...

Most noble thing for you to do is tell the girl and have her check as well, maybe she knew maybe she didnt.

Get treatment and go on with your life.


So, it's been common knowledge since the early 80s to use a condom. Apparently you never got the memo. Your own idiocy is what got you sick.

to eye roll New Boston, New Hampshire, United States #1246394

Condom. Condom.

Even double condom. Good Lord.


Well I guess was the most expensive piece on *** you ever had to pay for. Big dummy!

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